3D Framework

Bespoke 3D InstaPlant framework is produced in steel by our local steel fabricator. The main structure of the display is a steel skeleton of BSB, steel bar and steel rods. This is covered in a skin of 50mm weldmesh. Lifting eyes are optional extras. Galvanising of the framework is possible as an optional extra. The finished display usually weighs over 400kg so comes with a forklift baseframe for easy transport and mobility on the ground. The display is finished in a coating of black paint to prolong the life of the steel framework. If the display is too big for transporting to site it is produced in sections that are put together with lifting equipment (forklift/telehandler) on site.

The framework is fitted with an irrigation system (trickle pressure) which is tested before the framework is moved into one of our glasshouses and packed with compost and planted up with our 3cm carpet bedding plugs. This transforms the steel framework into a living sculpture. The display is grown on in the nursery for 6 weeks, usually in May. The established display is then given a final trim and delivered to site, usually in June, for the customer to off load and install. So the display is instant as we provide a pre-established finished display.

The 3Ds will be fairly low maintenance due to the established plants. They will need watering when its hot and small thin sections will dry out quicker than the large sections. Trimming of the plants in the display will be required to keep it looking neat and tidy but the carpet bedding plants are very slow growing so you may not need to trim the display during the season.

the end of the season in October when the frosts return the framework needs to be removed from site, the plants can be removed and composted (or you can pot them on under cover), wash out the compost and store under cover. If you want to replant the framework yourself the following May then this is possible with individual carpet bedding plugs provided by Kernock Park Plants.

If you prefer us to empty out the framework then we can arrange to collect the empty framework and deliver it back to our nursery where it can be emptied out, pressure washed and stored (if the order is placed for the refit the following year). Then the framework is packed with compost and planted in May for delivery in the following June. This is usually less than half of the original cost of the display.

If you would like a quote for a bespoke 3D InstaPlant display then send your ideas to us as soon as you can as the displays can sometimes take 6 months to produce. The max. height that can be produced is 4m high, please provide as much information as you have and state the max. size of framework required and any known dimensions.

You never know, soon you could have your idea produced as a 4m high planted 3D InstaPlant display!

If you would like further information on our InstaPlant range, or a quotation for any ideas you may have in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Phone: 01579 352802
Fax: 01579 351151
Email: instaplant@kernock.co.uk