Unique, Eye-Catching, Living Displays


3D InstaPlant® offers boundless opportunities to install unique, eye-catching, living, 3-dimensional displays.

Each structure is designed to order, fabricated in steel, irrigation system installed, planted-up, grown on and delivered to site.

The price of 3D InstaPlant is dependant on the cost of the manufacture of the steel framework.

If you would like a bespoke quote for a 3D InstaPlant display then please send us an image of what you would like a quote for to instaplant@kernock.co.uk along with maximum dimensions and we’ll send you a quote for production and delivery or alternatively phone us on 01579 352802 and we can discuss your needs in more details.

3D InstaPlant displays are usually a summer display filled with annual carpet bedding plants, delivered in June, if well maintained will last until the first frost of winter when the framework can be removed, emptied and replanted the following year for half the cost of ordering the display in the first year.

3D InstaPlant can be planted up to survive the winter but the colours are more muted and we are restricted on what hardy plants we can use that will tolerate the constant wet and dry conditions that plants in the 3D displays are subject to.