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How does InstaPlant make carpet bedding easier?

InstaPlant takes the time and effort out of planting up a carpet bedding display. Very much like a paint-by-numbers, the trays are delivered to you numbered along with a planting guide for you to follow. All you need to do is prepare a flat surface and following the instructions provided by us, easily slide the inside of the trays onto the prepared bed, giving an instant result. We take all of the hard work of designing, planning, planting and growing-on of the plants, labour and costs out of carpet bedding. 3D displays are delivered to site already planted up and established and ready for you to place on site.

The great news about InstaPlant displays is that you can replenish them year on year by purchasing plants from us.

We are also always happy to advise on aftercare even after delivery.

How long will it take to install?

We estimate that a carpet bed installation would take a team of three people less than a day to complete or approximately of four hours to install an area the size of 25m2.

3D displays are delivered pre-planted and ready to install on site.

How long will the display last?

Carpet Bedding is usually displayed from the end of May when the winter frosts are safely gone, until approximately the end of October when the first frosts of winter begin.  A display that is planted up with hardy plants can last through the winter aswell and with general maintenance the display can last for 3 years before the plants become too large. They can then be removed and planted into the border and new plug plants purchased from us to replenish the display. Annual displays can also be revived each year by purchasing fresh plug plants from us.

How much does InstaPlant carpet bedding cost?
The overall cost of both carpet bedding and 3D displays is based on size and design, but it may suprise you how reasonably priced they are. We produce displays to suit different sizes and budgets. Call us today to discuss your ideas and for a no obligation quote on 01579 352802.
How much maintenance is required?

InstaPlant displays are very easy to maintain. Instaplant tiles contain established plants and will hold more water than the soil below them. Tiles also suppress any weeds beneath. Some trimming and watering is required, but maintenance is far less than what is required for a traditional bedding display.

What is the planting density?

The average planting density of most carpet bedding displays is between 400 and 450 plants /m2. The density increases when we plant small details within the design and can then be up to as many as 800 plants/m2.

What lead time is required for an order?

Carpet bedding displays usually require a minimum of three months from the date of order before they are ready for delivery and 3D displays require approximately six months. However, we can sometimes produce displays faster if required.

What size are the InstaPlant tiles?

The InstaPlant tiles are 30cm wide x 50cm long x 4cm deep. They can easily be handled by one person.

Where do I display my carpet bed?

We recommend displaying your carpet bed on a 30 – 45° slope in a purposely built bed. The ground needs to be prepared and in the case of a natural grass area would mean cutting away some of the turf, levelling out the soil and raking the soil to a fine tilth. Some of our customers construct a slope using materials such as bricks, stone, railway sleepers or logs. The tiles only need a 30cm depth of top soil to establish into. The area can be filled with soil (or you could use any non-compressible and non-toxic material) with a layer of topsoil.

3D displays are delivered to site already planted up and ready to be placed in situ.