Other Great Ideas


This carpet bed (above) is on display at our entrance to celebrate Plymouth Argyle’s promotion to league one!


Although perhaps not having the same global importance as WW1, there is still no shortage of new and creative ideas for 2018.

The new Royal baby must be at the top of most people’s list, as well as the new Royal wedding!

On another note, yet more ideas spring to mind that may interest you on a more local or specific basis.

These include:

World cup year

65 years since Queen’s coronation

25 years of Jurassic Park

50th Anniversary of death of Enid Blyton

200 years of Frankenstein

100 years since birth of Nelson Mandela

200 years since birth of Emily Bronte


Like the sound of these or have your own brilliant idea? Please don’t hesitate to talk to Chris who will be happy to discuss your idea further.