Plastic Reduction

Recently, you may well be aware of the huge public motivation to reduce the amount of plastic we produce and use.

Over the last few months, the public have been made more and more aware of the damage that these plastic materials have on the environment and the wildlife that depend on it.

Due to this, huge promises and targets have been set both by the government a variety of company’s – supermarkets being a large chunk of this – to seriously reduce plastic usage over the next few years.

However, a promise is just a promise in till results start to show. The more people that start to show their interest in the subject, the faster changes will start to take place.

We think, that a carpet bed or even a 3d design would go a very long way in showing your support….not to mention inspiring others to speak out, further speeding up change.

Unfortunately, damage that has already been created cannot be undone, however, if we all do our part now, we can secure the future for generations to come.