3D InstaPlant



A 3D InstaPlant® display is a great way to create a central feature to a park or open space.

They can also be combined with our carpet bedding or used as a stand-alone feature.


Fabricated in steel and produced for us by a local steel fabricator here in Cornwall, our 3D displays have their own internal irrigation system. Our displays are easy to maintain, versatile and can be used year after year by replanting with fresh plants available from us. The finished 3D InstaPlant display is delivered to you planted up and ready to go.

3D InstaPlant displays last all summer until the first frosts arrive. The frameworks can be replanted year on year in Spring with replacement plants available from us for a fraction of the cost of the original display. You can replant your 3D structure to take you through Winter as well, although different plant combinations may have to be used that differ from the summer display colours.

In this video below, you can see how the InstaPlant 3D Crown was created, step by step!



You can see some of our 3D display projects in our gallery, and read about them in our blog. You can also follow what we have been up to recently on our social media pages.

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