Carpet Bedding





Carpet bedding originates from the Victorians. Known for their
ground-breaking changes in horticulture, their approaches to gardening were amongst some of history’s most dramatic. The abolishment of glass tax and improvements in rail and transport in the 1800s meant that more plants were available to the market, bringing a surge in gardening and a new approach to landscaping was born coined ‘bedding out’. The Victorians would also plant up colourful patterns in beds and call them ‘carpet beds’ because they resembled decorative carpet rugs. The trend for carpet bedding was born.

Carpet bedding was also very popular during the war where it was used in public spaces to boost morale and represent national pride. The carpet bedding trend continues to grow today and is very popular in particular with local authorities using them in parks and public spaces along with historic homes, smaller organisations and private clients.

We have supplied carpet bedding and 3D displays to many stately homes and trust properties including Waddesdon Manor who have been loyal customers since 1998.


Interested? Why not watch the video below to see how Waddesdon Manor installed one of their fantastic carpet beds:

University of York logo 2017:

You can see some more of our carpet bedding projects in our gallery, and read about them in our blog. You can also follow what we have been up to recently on our social media pages.

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