InstaPlant and David Ogilvie Engineering create 2014 Commonwealth Games Mascot

This summer, InstaPlant at Kernock Park Plants was commissioned to plant up an impressive 3D model of Clyde, the 4.5m high thistle man and official mascot for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Working alongside the David Ogilvie Engineering and Glasgow City Council, the team at InstaPlant planted up the living plant structure which is set to hold pride of place at the entrance of one of Glasgow’s most famous galleries.

The story of the thistle man mascot is one of national pride. As part of a competition run by Glasgow 2014 for children to design the mascot, the winner, Beth Gilmour, had her drawing brought to life by digital agency NERV who created a full backstory and gave it a name – Clyde.

Clyde then became the central character of a promotional animation developed in collaboration with artists such as comedian Billy Connolly and musician Paolo Nutini. The animation tells the story of a seafaring Scot called Captain Bristle, who was to sail around the 71 territories of the Commonwealth, planting a thistle in each nation so as to spread Scottish pride.

Chris Harnett, InstaPlant Manager at Kernock Park Plants in Cornwall said “We are really pleased to plant up the ‘Clyde’ Mascot 3D displays. It was great to work with David Ogilvie Engineering and Glasgow City Council and we look forward to seeing the completed Mascot displays at the Commonwealth Games.”