The World Cup cricket tournament came to England this year so Durham who were hosting one of the matches contacted me to discuss having a 3D display of cricket stumps to look like the ball was hitting the stumps and the bails needed to look like they had just been knocked off the stumps. Great idea but the problem being if the cricket ball was to be 900mm in diameter then the stumps would need to scaled up to 7 metres tall!

After some consideration it was decided that the stumps should be 4 metres tall (our maximum height for 3D displays). The resulting display was stunning, a 3 metre long flash planted in Sempervivum Green, a red 900mm cricket ball and three 4 metre high cricket stumps that were fixed on an angle to look like they were being knocked down by the ball. The display needed to be delivered in sections that slotted together to enable it to be transported to Durham. The team leader at Durham said “everything went well with onsite delivery to depot and then onto the display site. Much appreciate all your help with this project, its shaping up very well!” Really pleased to create this display for Durham – we can’t wait to see what they want next!