We produced a large Spitfire 3D InstaPlant display for Ashford Borough Council. It was installed in the Memorial Gardens, Ashford in June to commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The steel framework was fabricated to order in 3 forkliftable sections in just 8 weeks and the framework was completed just before the first lockdown. We used over 3500 carpet bedding plants to cover the fuselage and the wings in plants. The completed Spitfire weighed in at just over one ton and had a wingspan of 4m and a 3.5m long fuselage.

It was intended to have the Spitfire in the gardens last summer to mark the 80th anniversary, but the plan was delayed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Cllr Andrew Buchanan, portfolio holder for environment and land management, said: “Ashford have had some fantastic floral sculptures over the past few years, and this Spitfire will be a spectacular focal point in the Memorial Gardens. It symbolises the British fighting spirit and how we will come back from the problems of Coronavirus stronger than before.”

You can see the Spitfire 3D display on the mound in Memorial Gardens in Ashford, Kent