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You imagine it, we design it, plant it, deliver it, you enjoy it!

Our aim at InstaPlant® is to be able to transform any idea into a living display of colour. We provide an easy way to create and supply a professional looking, high quality carpet bed or 3D display and the means to keep it looking great.


Working with you to ensure that you receive a reliable, best-value
and high-quality bespoke service…

  • We create your design
  • We plant and grow the design in our nursery
  • We deliver the end product to site
  • We make carpet bedding displays in many different shapes and sizes to suit you
  • Easily installed by you with our detailed instructions and plan
  • Can be easily moved around for exhibitions and events because the trays are delivered in mobile units

With Instaplant®, anyone can have a carpet bedding display and the possibilities are endless!

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The Wimbledon Tennis Ball

Each year we have provided the Lawn
Tennis Association in London with a 3D
InstaPlant tennis ball for the display at
the main entrance.

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Ordered your InstaPlant for 2017?

Let us demonstrate how you can
install it.

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We’re full of ideas!

Get some inspiration from our gallery
of work.

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InstaPlant® carpet bedding displays have a wide range of uses and can be of benefit to many different organisations, including:


  • Local Authorities
  • Historic Homes and Gardens
  • Charities, Clubs and Societies
  • Weddings

  • Corporate Businesses
  • Landscapers
  • Britain in Bloom Organisations
  • Private Gardens

  • Events Organisers
  • Leisure and Golf Clubs
  • Trade Shows
  • Hotels

What our Customers Say:

"I would just like to say that all of the 3D Olympians and carpet beds are stunning and have been totally appreciated by everyone. Never seen so many members of public getting photos taken next to them. Thanks for all the hard work gone into creating such magnificent structures and carpet beds."

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